Bill Alert – Oppose HB1789 (Bans Sexual Orientation Therapy)

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HB1789 will affect the people of Hawaii in the following ways:

  • Parental rights: The bill dilutes parental rights by removing a treatment option that a parent might elect for their minor.
  • Professional discretion: HB1789 will prohibit highly-trained professionals from exercising their best professional discretion in the application of “sexual orientation change efforts”.
  • Medical accuracy: HB1789 will prevent the use of medically accurate information to advise minors.
  • Clergy: Clergy, who provide therapy in their capacity, would be prohibited from giving advice that is consistent with the religious values of the parent and or the minor.
  • Unequal Protection: While HB1789 is intended to prevent specific therapy to convert a homosexual minor, it does not prevent a heterosexual minor from having their sexual orientation from being changed.

For more specific details regarding the points listed above, please read the suggested testimony accompanying this primer.  These arguments were selected because they are the most persuasive options to prevent HB1789 from advancing.  Remember that religious arguments do not persuade secular individuals.

Testimony Submission

Your oral testimony at the committee hearing is most valuable.  If you cannot attend the hearing, you may still submit written testimony.  Written testimony should be submitted for in-person testifiers.  Written testimony may be submitted after the deadline, but will be considered “late”.

Suggested testimony (click here) is available.  Please feel free to edit the testimony as you see fit.  Remember to change the “FROM” line in the memo fields at the top of the testimony.

Written Testimony
Deadline: 2:00PM on Sunday, January 26, 2014
In-person: 3 copies to Rm. 322 at the State Capitol
Oahu Fax: (808) 586-9421
Neighbor Island Fax: 1-800-535-3859
Oral Testimony
Date: 2:00PM on Monday, January 27, 2014
Location: State Capitol, Rm. 309
Parking: Capitol Basement (metered) or Alii Place (pay parking, entrance from Alakea Street between King and Hotel St., right-side just past Mandalay Restaurant).

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