Getting around the run around

Arash-Hashemi-boxer-the-final-round-next-day-paint-and-bodyThe response regarding HB1624 has been outstanding.  With 2500 messages sitting in their inboxes, our legislators know that people of faith are now here to stay, and that elected officials are not listening.  The biggest question I hear is “The legislature still has not scheduled the bill for a hearing, what else can I do?”  Plenty.  Please call your representative right now and ask them:

“If you care what people of faith think, what actions are you taking to ensure that HB1624 gets a hearing.  I would like to share this with people at my church so that they can be informed as well.”

Legislators are very crafty and will say whatever it takes so that it sounds like they agree for you.  One legislator said, “The chair (Karl Rhoads) will not hear it, there is nothing more that I can do.”  The sinister part of this message is that (a) they want you to believe that they support you, and (b) they want you to believe that there is nothing more that can be done.  Rather than taking responsibility for their inaction, they are blaming someone else.

Actions speak louder than words.  Any representative who cares about people of faith will be taking meaningful and concrete actions to get a hearing for HB1624 so that the bill can advance.  Their words will mean nothing because there are no actions to back up their words.

There are representatives who “say” they support people of faith, and there are representatives who truly support people of faith with their actions.  This next election, there will be people who say they support people of faith even though they voted for SB1 while HB1624 died in their lap.  Some representatives are even hoping that people of faith will just go away.  Rep. Bob McDermott shared his conversation with House Speaker Joe Souki when he wrote to the team working on Pono Choices:

“On the religious liberty bills, Speaker Souki has gotten over 1,000 emails.  He shared this with me today.  Gene Ward and I asked him to hear some – any one of the six we identified.  He refused.”

Please take a moment to call your representative and as them “If you care what people of faith think, what actions are you taking to ensure that HB1624 gets a hearing.”  Remember that words are empty unless there is action behind them.  And when you are done, share with your friends what your representative said.