Wakeup Call

Photo courtesy Hawaii News Now.

Since the 2013 special session, GLBT advocates have not missed an opportunity to step up and persecute people of faith. The very same language coming from any other individual would be considered hate speech, tainted with prejudice – but the stunning hypocrisy is that no one is willing to call this sort of behavior what it is.

At an April 9th hearing to consider the nomination of Don Horner for a second terms as the chairman of the Board of Education, GLBT advocates have turned out to persecute and ridicule Don Horner not just for being a person of faith, but one who is open about his faith and practices it. Testimony against consideration of Don Horner was tainted with hateful logic that treated one’s religious beliefs as an affliction that disqualifies their participation and service in society.

Tolerance is a two-way street.

There are two take home messages from this:

  1. Many advocates have become the very thing that they despise and use the very same tools of hate and prejudice as unholy tools in their crusade. These vitriolic advocates do not represent the broader GLBT community – but the silence of the GLBT community regarding the incendiary speech of these same individuals is tantamount to tacit approval.  There is no tolerance for hate, there is no tolerance for prejudice from any source.
  2. There were no people of faith there to support Don Horner as he was ridiculed for his beliefs. While there are mixed feelings in the faith-based community because of his proximity to Pono Choices, the faith-based community must stand in solidarity against hate and prejudice. It is important to speak out against threats to our faith, but to also stand in solidarity and to be proud of the good that our faith represents.

If people of faith cannot be expected to stand proudly with their brothers and sisters, then the secularists (of which the vitriolic GLBT activists are only a small part of) have already one. The march of the GLBT community will not stop with same-sex marriage, but will continue as they infiltrate other parts of our life. They have opened their playbook in other states that have passed same-sex marriage prior to Hawaii. Their goal is that they want YOU to check your faith at the door – in a secular world, there is no room for your faith or your religion.

We will lose another inch in this war of secularism if Don Horner stands alone. We cannot continue to redraw the line in the sand, instead we must stand in solidarity behind the line and no yield another inch.