Rally for Religious Freedom

On Saturday afternoon, a group of faith-based organizations are gathering at the State Capitol to rally together as people of faith. While several issues remain prominent to a majority of the faith-based community, we are united by the fact that we have faith, and the right to that faith (religious freedom) is constitutionally guaranteed.

To borrow from some of our 2nd Amendment colleagues:

A right not exercised, is a right lost.

There are many threats to our faith from the secular community – people who believe that faith should only be practiced in places of worship, and our homes. It is an absurd notion that we should stop being Christian, or Jewish, or Buddhist the moment we exit the front door to our dwelling.  While I can continue to enjoy french fries and enjoy watching the Food Network in the secular world, forcing me to not be a Christian is, quite frankly, idiotic. If we do not exercise our religious freedom, if we do not defend it, these Constitional freedoms will continue to be eroded by Judicial and legislative precedent.

It is tempting to do nothing, “no make stink”, but inaction is the very reason why our religious freedoms are under attack. This is not a rally against same-sex marriage, or a rally against Pono Choices. This is a rally to protect our religious freedoms from unreasonable governmental intrusion.[1]. Here are the details:

What: Rally For Religious Freedom

Who: You, your family, and other people of faith

When: Saturday, June 28th, 2014 from 1-4PM

Where: Hawaii State Capitol Rotunda

Why: To protect religious freedoms in a secular world.  

How: For information on parking in the area (and other event specifics), head over to hawaiifamilyforum.org.

[1] Remember that separation of church and state has two parts – the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause. While secularists frequently invoke the Establishment Clause to attack people of faith, they ignore the Free Exercise Clause that states that government shall not interfere with the practice of religion.


Blogger’s note: The rumors of my demise have been greatly over exaggerated. I have not been abducted, nor have I been kidnapped by a left-wing militia. Nothing more has happened to me than ‘life’, making keeping up with this blog difficult, just not impossible. With the election season upon us, however, there is a lot to say, and very little time to say it. So stay tuned, I hope not to disappoint.