Final Score: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Senate voted unanimously (as they are fond of doing) in support of establishing medical marijuana dispensaries (HB321).  Below are the votes in the House:

Yes: Belatti, Brower, Cachola, Creagan, DeCoite, Evans, Fukumoto Chang, Hashem, Ichiyama, Ito, Johanson, Jordan, Kawakami, Keohokalole, Kobayashi, Lee, LoPresti, Lowen, Luke, McKelvey, Mizuno, Morikawa, Nakashima, Nishimoto, Ohno, Onishi, Rhoads, Saiki, San Beunaventura, Say, Souki, Takayama, Takumi, Thielen, Woodson and Yamashita.

No: Aquino, Choy, Cullen, Har, Kong, Matsumoto, McDermott, Oshiro, Pouha, Tokioka, Tsuji, Tupola and Yamane.

Absent: Ing and Ward

Of particular note is Fukumoto Chang’s approval of medical marijuana dispensaries.  While I am sure she will say “it’s complicated” if asked about her vote, it is not complicated at all on a bill’s final reading.  A vote “with reservations” is still a yes vote — Fukumoto Chang still voted to support medical marijuana dispensaries.

Had all of the votes “with reservations” voted ‘no’, only four more votes would have been necessary to stop HB321.  Based on voting patterns, Ward would have been one of those four votes.

Also of note: Where was Kaniela Ing and what was he doing that was more important than representing the interests of his district?  According to the House attendance sheet, Ing was absent eight of the sixty days and was late another seven times.