About the Site

This blog is intended only to be used as a resource to engage, educate and empower people of faith to participate in government.  Engagement comes from persuading people of faith that their values will not be represented in government as long as they choose to be disengaged from their government.  Education is intended to inform people of how the government, the media, special interests and other institutions affect government policy.  That education can be used to empower people of faith to engage various levels of government and their elected officials.

When you look through the articles and resources on this website, please consider the following:

1) Voluntary: You are free to opt to use information presented on this site.  You are free to use some, all or none of the resources on this website.  The issues that affect us will vary between groups and individuals and you should certainly pursue those issues that you are most passionate about.  However, our strength as people of faith is in our numbers and it is important that we work as a group on issues that universally affect us all.

2) Universal: Every attempt will be made to keep the issues and arguments relatively “universal”.  This site is for use by people of faith and to that effect is “non-denominational”.  However, faith is always something that is very personal and therefore it is difficult to be truly universal when attempting to address a broad audience.

3) Mainstream: Rationale and arguments that are used on this site will be secular in nature.  While we are people of faith, we live in a secular world.  The individuals that require persuasion in government rarely share or even understand our faith.  Arguments based on scripture or canons do not go far in a secular world.

4) Informative: This site should be viewed as a resource.  It can provide persuasive arguments; it can offer notification when key legislation is being heard at the Legislature.  As such, it is better used in a ministry group, or by church leadership to engage their members.  The choice to be politically active or to be active on a specific issue must be made at the church level.

5) Evolving: This is part of a personal venture to better serve on political issue of religious importance.  To this effect, I too am learning about the different groups that are engaged and how to better serve them in their endeavors.