Unfit for Office

Across several news sources (links forthcoming), odds are you have read one or several news articles or commentaries on the role that the 2013 Special Session would have on the 2014 elections. While it is ultimately up to the public to make the miscarriage of democracy an issue at the election booth this year, progressive candidates would rather turn a blind eye to their conduct.

They claim “we’ve already decided on SSM,” as if that comment was supposed to stop the conversation. “People are ready to move on” they say – but only because they were not wronged, and they got what they wanted out of the special session.

It is sad that Progressives have forgotten their humble roots – it was only a few years ago that people said “we’ve already decided on Superferry,” and that “people are ready to move on.” But it was the Progressives who pressed on because they saw a perceived injustice – they saw a government who was not working in the best interests of the public. In fact, it was Cynthia Thielen who was at the forefront of the opposition to Superferry.

For Thielen, and other Progressive incumbents and challengers to say “we decided…” or “let’s move on…” Is an exercise in hypocrisy that is what makes SSM particularly relevant, and how they are particularly unfit for office. The Progressive view is to:

  1. Ignore the concerns of a wronged minority (the faith-based community) whose constitutional rights were trampled on in an unnecessary exercise in zero-sum conflict resolution,
  2. Ignore the concerns of a public who might have otherwise been amenable to SSM, were it not the way the legislation was railroaded through in a special session, and
  3. Pretend that nothing is wrong with removing public input from government by closing off testimony, by turning on microphones and treating testifiers in away that is more appropriate for Asian dictators.

Remember, a democracy without the public is a dictatorship by definition.

The special session is evidence that Thielen (and other Progressives) take no responsibility for their conduct, and taking the public out of democracy. Of course they want you to focus on other issues like “solar power” and “veterans”. Anything to make you forget about special session, and anything to make you forget that they are fundamentally unfit for office.  No position any elected official takes on an issue like solar power or veterans can trump an elected official who fails to represent their constituents and who fails to respect the public. [1]

But perhaps Thielen as been in office for so long that she has forgotten that she works for the People, not the opposite.


[1] Incidentally, after two years as the Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection (EEP) Thielen and the committee has yet to accomplish anything significant for solar power.  The fact that individual households still have problem patching their solar power to the grid can be seen purely that Theilen is ineffective at best. More critical commentators will state that her leadership in EEP has been one of the obstacles for the past two years. The same commentators would argue that if she could not get it done in the last two, odds are another two years will not matter.