Draft Testimony Available

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

Thank you for your patience.  For those who can use it, draft testimony has been completed and is available in the 2015 Legislation Tracker for each of the bills.  I apologize that it is not my best writing, but I hope it makes the points that need to be made to our legislators – that these bills are ill-conceived and highly-flawed.

If you are new to the draft testimony posted here, you are free to use all or none of the draft testimony that is posted.  If you can only devote five minutes to submitting testimony, you can copy and paste the draft testimony to be submitted as if it were your own writing.  (Do not forget to put your name in the “To:” field.)  If you have fifty minutes, you can edit the draft testimony or write and submit your own testimony.  My feelings will not be hurt.  If you have five hours to devote to this, you should submit written testimony and then testify before the committee on Saturday morning.

Remember, the deadline to submit testimony for this hearing is Friday, February 6th at 10:00AM.  Directions for submitting testimony can be found on the hearing notice.  Testimony after the 24-hour deadline (“late testimony”) can still be accepted right up to and even during the hearing.  Even if you miss the deadline, you should still submit testimony.

If you plan on attending the hearing, there is metered parking available in the basement parking lot of the State Capitol.  The entrance is on the Ewa side of Punchbowl at Miller Street.  For a hearing as big as this one, there is a good chance that these metered stalls will fill.  Additional parking is available at Ali’i Place on Alakea Street – please check posted signs for parking rates.  The best option, for better or for worse, is to catch the bus.