Taxation without Representation

In a surprise move, House Transportation Committee Chair Henry Aquino has moved to hear the Senate’s Omnibus Transportation Tax bill (SB2938) during a committee hearing today at 10:30AM.  The late hearing notification is in clear violation of the rules that House members impose upon themselves and all but ensures public testimony will not be heard.  This dog and pony show will take place in room 309 at the Hawaii State Capitol.

It does not matter that you might oppose a tax increase, Henry Aquino does not care.  He does not want to hear it.

SB2938 increases taxes in the following ways:

  • increases the county tax on gasoline by three cents per gallon (in increase from 16 to 19 cents),
  • increases the motor vehicle registration fee by $31.50,
  • increases the vehicle weight tax by one cent per pound, and
  • increases the share of these taxes/fees deposited in the state highway fund.

This major increase in taxation was added with less than 24-hours notice ensures that concerned citizens will not have time to draft testimony or to take time off of work to testify before the committee.

For those who oppose the tax increase, and for those that care about open government, your feedback should be directed at the chair and vice-chair of the committee:

Rep. Henry Aquino (Waipahu, Chair, House Committee on Transportation)

  • Email:
  • Phone: (808) 586-6520

Rep. Matt LoPresti (Ewa Beach, Ewa – Vice Chair, House Committee on Transportation)

  • Email:
  • Phone:(808) 586-6080